School of Foreign Languages (SFL) was founded as a result of the Senate Decision dated 18.8.1993 in order to offer foreign language education to the undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering. Within 1993-1994 academic year, it had 4 classes and 120 students studying at various departments of the Faculty of Engineering (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Electronics Engineering). SFL continued its growth by includ… All >>
Questions asked frequently by prospective students of SFL are addressed as follows; What is the content of Preparatory English Program? The academic calendar of Preparatory English Classes is shaped according to two semesters of 17 weeks each. Within the Program, students will be receiving 680-hours of education. In the Program of the program, students are exposed to an intensive computer-assisted language education aimed to teach effective reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. To ach… All >>
Computer-Assisted Basic English Teaching Preparatory English Education is comprised of 34 weeks of instruction in an academic year. Following a placement test, students receive computer-assisted education designed to teach reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. In an attempt to combine learner-centred individual studies with in-class teaching methods, SFL ensures its students to spend %50 of their daily schedule in computer-equipped classes where they are assigned single computers for … All >>
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